Top Features Of Electric Scooters


What are the Most Demanded Features of an Electric Scooter in todays wildly diverse market? We have come up with all the great pinpoint topics to consider before You Purchase Your Next Ride!

  • Range - How Far do You plan to Ride and for How Long of a Range will You Require? The average Range we Typically see is around 12-20 Miles Per Charge.
  • Speed - How Fast is Fast Enough for You To Be Comfortable? This is all Personal Preference. Some of our Consumers feel 15MPH is enough and other Clients Prefer 20MPH+ which is why we offer a Broad Range to fit everyone's needs.
  • Portability -  All of our Electric Scooters have a Quick And Secure Folding Mechanism to Transform your Next Ride in 20 Seconds Or Less for Ease Of Use.  
  • Safety - All of our Electric Scooters use Dual Electronic Braking Systems to ensure a Safe Stop in case of Emergency Situations with Front Leds and Rear Red Leds. As well as our Tubeless Tires with Maximum Grip to ensure you never have a Flat Tire and Always are In Control.
  • Reliability - All Our Products Use Samsung and LG Batteries to Ensure Every Ride Feels as good as the First One. These Batteries are Certified with the Highest Safety Ratings Possible.
  • Led Display -  We have Led Displays in All Our Models to Ensure you are always Up To Date with Accurate Data displaying Battery Life, Speed, Range and Led Lighting Capabilities. 
  • Lightweight And Strong - Strength is Key in our Design Process, We Use the Strongest And Lightest Materials to ensure Strength is a Priority While Allowing Anyone to Carry It's Lightweight Design.
  • Waterproof - Our Models of Electric Scooters All have a Waterproof Level Of 54, Getting Caught in Bad Weather or Bad Terrain is Not A Problem! On Or Off Road, Our Products Adapt To Any Conditions!

The Team at Ecopowerwheels hopes all these Features can Help Your Selection for Your Next Ride as Easy As Possible! Please Email our team at: if You Have Any Questions or Need Support About Our Products!