Choosing Your First Electric Skateboard



The Electric Skateboarding market has Exploded In Popularity in recent years. New companies appear on a daily basis to supply New and Innovative e-Skateboard Models. This is why Ecopowerwheels Strives Proudly to Sell Only The Best Products From The Best Manufacturers. Customer Input and Demand is Our Top Priority to Ensure We meet All Industry Standards to give Our Consumers Always The Best Products On Sale Today.  

This Variation is Great, but it'd make it difficult for a few riders to seek out the Proper Board. So the Team At Ecopowerwheels decided to Write This Blog to Help You Make The Right Choice.

Define your budget - 

Determining a Budget is one among the Primary Belongings you should do when trying to find an Electric Skateboard. It’s no secret that Electric Skateboards are often Extremely Pricey. Some models can run into an upwards of $2,000, However We Sell the Most Respected Brands In The Industry offering Unbeatable Performance At an Unbeatable Price. We offer Models Ranging From $299 up to $1,000. 

Figure out what you would like -

Once You’ve discovered what You Would like to Spend, it’s important to make a Decision about the Capabilities You Wish from Your Board. the Simplest way to do that is to work out exactly how You intend to Use Your Device.

Terrain Capabilities -

This shouldn’t be too difficult to work out. What sort of Surfaces does One anticipate Regularly Riding over? Riding Off-Road obviously Requires different specs than simply Riding inside the town.

One Big Consideration when it involves Riding Terrains and Surfaces is that the Variety of Wheels employed by your device. Big rubber Wheels are Best for all-Terrain and Rough Concrete Riding Habits. You'll go away with Smaller Wheels if You Propose to Avoid Rougher and Off-Road Terrains. We Offer Models Across The Entire Spectrum, From On Road to All Terrain. 

Distance and Range -

Riding Distance could be a Pretty Straightforward Concern. If You Propose on Riding Your E-Skateboard for Long Distances Consistently, You’ll need a strong Battery. this is often especially important for Commuters. Battery Capacity Directly Correlates with the Range of Your Device. the burden of Your Board and some other Technical Components also impact Your Total Range.

Maximum Speed -

The Biggest Consideration is the Highest Speed of an E-Skateboard is usually its Motor. We Offer A Large Range Of Electric Skateboards From 11Mph to 30Mph + Note that Some Boards May Sacrifice Stability to Extend its Top Speed, However All Our Boards Use Smart Chips To Ensure Stability, Range, and Speed are Unbeatable with Our Competitors. We Use The Strongest Woods and Fiberglass and ABS in All Our Products. Stability Is Key to an E-Board.

E-skateboard Specs -

Picking the Most Effective Electric Skateboard Battery Size
Like we explained above, the Strength of A battery Directly Impacts the Range that a Board can give. We Sell Only The Highest Safety Rated Batteries in All Our Products With the Biggest Battery Packs We can Find Fitted Into Each Model. Bigger Batteries Provide a More Extended Range, but they also draw close the value of your board. Batteries are measured in Watt-Hours, or Wh.

One Additional Concern when it involves Battery size is that Batteries that are Too Big Won't Be Allowed on Airplanes. The FDA federally prohibits the air of Batteries Exceeding 160 Wh. Batteries larger than 100 Wh will have to be cleared together with your airline before travel.

Drive Train -

The Term “Drive Train” refers to the sort of Motor System Employed in an Electrical Skateboard. There are Three Main styles of Motors employed in E-Boards: Hub, Belt Drive, and Direct Drive. Belt drive Systems are Extremely Powerful, Generating a High Amount of Torque and Friction. These Motors are often able to hit the very Best Top Speeds among E-Board Drive Trains. But they’re also the Loudest. You furthermore Can’t kick-start most Belt Drive Skateboards.

Hub Motors are Quieter and More Stable than Belt Drives, but They Supply Less Torque and Power. Hub Motors are Often also Less Customizable than Belt Drive Systems. Belt Drives Allow Riders to Modify Between differing kinds of Wheels, While Hub Motors Don’t.

Direct Drive Systems are Still Pretty New to the scene. They Function Similarly to Belt Drive Motor Systems, but Many Riders Complain that Direct Drive Motors ride closely to the bottom. this May Cause Trouble if Debris is Kicked Up Into the Enclosed System.

Customer Service -

Riders sometimes Underestimate how Important Customer Service should be as they Consider Buying a Board. 

A great and Responsive Customer Service team can really make a difference as your board suffers from Wear-And-Tear, Malfunction, or Other Issues. A Solid Customer Service Team can Help Fix Your E-Board Quickly and Effectively. On the Opposite Hand, Bad Customer Service Could Force You to Pay Out-Of-Pocket for Repairs. This is Why We Take Customer Support as Our Top Priority. We will Always Ensure Our Products Come With Warranty and We Stand Proudly At Ecopowerwheels to Fulfil Your Warranty Exactly As Expected.

Weight/Portability - 

The Portability of Your Board Matters Plenty, Especially if You’re A Commuter or Someone who Carries Their Board Around Lots. Several factors Contribute to the Gross Weight of a Board, which you ought to be able to find clearly listed on a device’s website.

Wheels - 

The Main Thing to Recollect when it involves Wheels is that Bigger Wheels Are Better Equipped for Riding Off-Road or On Shaky Terrains.

If You’re looking to Shift Terrain Types and Wheel Size, Consider a Belt Drive Motor System. Devices with relatively Large Trucks should be better at Accommodating Multiple Wheel Types.

Your Electric Skateboard Shopping Process starts first with working out what You Would Like. Once You have got a Firm Grasp on Your Goals for a Board, Several of the Guidelines above should Facilitate Your Refined search to search out the right board. Please If You have Any Questions, Do Not Hesitate to Ask our Live Customer Support Chat, Or send us an Email At: